The Tell-Tale Signs You're Officially An Unofficial New Yorker

They say you aren't a true New Yorker unless you were born in the city.

Although this might be extremely accurate, you can still claim being an official unofficial New Yorker based on a few tell-tale signs. You more than likely moved to the city for a reason -- whether it be to follow your dreams or follow your [wo]man, you didn't come here by accident.

You've learned the ins and outs of what it truly means to be "New York". You've picked up the lingo, you walk like you own the city and you've grown to love the stench of the garbage that hugs the city sidewalks. To most you would never be called a true New Yorker no matter how much you spend on groceries at Fairway or how well you know the different boroughs, but if you walk the cities and you do these specific things on the daily than you have the right to claim an official unofficial New Yorker.


If you can't start your morning without an iced coffee.

Some like it hot and some like it cold. New Yorkers appreciate coffee either way. When you see them in the mornings during the hustle and bustle of the work day, they usually have a cup of coffee in their hand. Myself in particular, I love iced coffee and ever since I moved to the city, it's been extremely hard for me to not have an iced coffee at least once or twice throughout the week.

You don't wait for the cross walk signals to change.

If no cars are coming your way, why not walk? The signal could be the red hand signaling you to stop walking, but New Yorkers do as they please anyway. You can tell the tourists from the people who actually live here just from who follows the rules and who doesn't.


You no longer call a slice, "a piece of pizza".

when you fold your pizza in half


The noise doesn't seem to bother you anymore.

From the sirens to the loud, unnecessary honking horns that you hear non-stop throughout the day -- surprisingly you've learned to tune the noise out. Whether you're wearing your headphones or embracing the sounds of the city, the noise doesn't seem to bother you the way it did when you first moved to the city.


You've memorized your commute from work to home.

Learning to ride the train and actually having the stops memorized is a true art that you should probably consider being a New Yorker. For all the times you got off at Herald Square when you went to get off at Times Square, you've learned your lesson and now your'e a pro.

The lingo randomly rolls off your tongue sometimes.

You might not have an accent, but you've definitely picked up some of the lingo that you've heard your counterparts using on a daily basis. If you've used the word 'lit' on at least one occasion or even thought about using it -- you might as well say that you're a New Yorker.


You've realized that tap water is a gift sent from above.

Those bottles and jugs of water you were spending money on weekly have easily become a thing of the past once you realized how amazing and fresh the city tap water is. And to think, you almost didn't give it a chance.


If any of these tell-tale signs refer to you, congratulations you're now a certified official unofficial New Yorker. Get lit.

currently getting lost somewhere in the concrete jungle. vegetarian foodie, book lover, brunch junkie & aspiring journalist making my dreams a reality. welcome to my world.
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