Weekend Playlist: Big City Strut

There's no greater feeling than walking down the street blasting music into your headphones, wind whipping your hair. The weekend is the perfect time for you to strut down the sidewalk and feel amazing.

Check out these tracks and play them loud when you're walking to your favorite bar or even on the way to the park.

1. Problem / Natalia Kills

This song is insta-cool. Like, when it comes on you ultimately feel like a badass. Natalia, now known as Teddy Sinclair is controversial, edgy and fun. I totally love feeling like that when I'm walking down the street.

2. St. Vincent / Digital Witness

The beat of this song alone could convince you that you're on a catwalk. This song has a lot of bite to it and a kick-ass guitar line too, so blast this one when you're leaving the house in the afternoon for your night out and you'll definitely have a wild one.

3. Gunga Din / The Libertines

One of my favorite bands has to make an appearance on this list, because this is the song I listen to when I'm running through the subway. It makes me feel like a complete badass, and it will be a perfect addition to your strut this weekend.

4. Halsey / New Americana

I am OBSESSED with this song. It's a pop track with a lot of edge. It has that club vibe and will amp you up before a big night out, or make you feel like a rock-star even if you're hanging at home.

5. Irresistible / Fall Out Boy

Come on, this is the perfect song to soundtrack your walk. It's got a stadium horn line, an incredible beat and empowering lyrics. It's the perfect song to jam out to when your headphones become your own little world.

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