6 Youtube Videos Every 20 Year Old Can Still Recite


Youtube erupted in the early 2000's and it lead to some very weird but absolutely fantastic videos that everyone over the age of 20 knows, remembers and still quotes randomly.

So for this flashback friday, I think its time we all take a (rather disturbing), totally amazing trip down youtube memory lane and re-watch the videos you had to have memorized to be apart of any crowd.

Let the nostalgia being......NOW!

Shoes: LiamKyleSullivan

He made dressing up like a girl cool in 2007 and viners today are just copying his idea. A song beautifully sung about shoes and partying with over 56 million views, if a password to your club wasn't "lets get some shoes" did you even know what youtube was?

"What What (In the Butt)": Samwell

The video you want to look away from but somehow just couldn't stop watching that constant eye contact and those swaying hips. Never again has any butt song sounded so tempting right?

It's Peanut Butter Jelly Time!!!

It might be more simple then PacMan yet this video has over 35 million views. This song even made it onto a family guy episode and has the uncanny ability to not only still be sung randomly 7 years after it was uploaded, but get stuck in everyones head for at least 3 days.

Charlie the Unicorn

If you have a friend named Charlie, they hate this video because no one can say Charlie normally after watching this extremely bizarre and slightly traumatic video. Like what drugs was this creator on honestly?

Salad Fingers

I am so sorry to remind you of this terrifying youtube ... series? I don't even know what you would call it but there are 10 videos, each one more disturbing then the last. But as an 8th grader these videos were the shit!

"May I please inquire about your spooooooooooons?"


And to round it all out with the real OG of youtube, the star of shoes (our first video)! I personally love the blood muffin and ..... maybe Israeli Palestinian conflict muffin, obviously. Fuck carrot muffin.

This videos were super weird, super bad, and just all around insane....yet we all are still so obsessed with them.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane youtube.... now I will sit and watch about 3 hours of Foamy The Squirrel and think about 7th grade.

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