IT FINALLY CAME IN!!! . . . .What you ask? The BIG BANG MADE ALBUMS!!! KAHAHAHHHHHRIHHDIDBJSIHJDJDBNDO -breathes- OK I'm better now that I got the screams out the way but KAHHHHHHHHHHHH I had to share it with you guys! I'm so happy I cried I think lol

The sexy D album poster!

The awsone A album poster!! Now I'm kicking myself for not getting the M poster but money was a little short at the time so . . . -sighs- yea moving on!!

the CDS and the cards!! ZOMG I think I'm gonna laminate the cards and put them on a key chain later lol.

Inside M, A, and D Albums!! Now for those of you who can't see the writing very well. Inside each album is a puzzle ticket. If you collect all the albums with the ticket you'll get a special prize. what it is I have no idea but I sooooo curious now lol. The next ones I have to get is E and MADE. So I'm hoping and praying to buy both next week!! WOOT Just 2 more!!

And I totally just bought the E album!!! ONE MORE TO GO!!! WOOT WOOT.@ErinGregory So total correct to my comment its $19.40 for one album. This includes the poster, the ticket and CD itself with a little gift :D

My name is Lauren and I'm 24 years old. I love all kinds of music but KPOP has my heart! Riding along side that is Fashion and Art. Life wouldn't be complete with out those things in my life. As well as the most important in my life is God.
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