Ever After

You ask me how I can be so brave,  Brave enough to stand here,  at this door, which I was once too brave to abandon to a dying storm. I shiver in my own jacket,  Palms sweat under fur gloves,  Lips quiver because some answers never know a language other than the beat of your heart, The beat of your heart when your favorite pet dies, or when your best friend drops the call saying 'wrong number.' The beat of your heart when the speedometer says 160 and you're numb. The beat of your heart when you find yourself, and you find yourself like someone who's alone in this world. I try to whisper but my tongue flips out,  and all I can think of,  Is if we could name people by time periods,  I could be your one week ago, A month gone by, or a day down the sea,  I Could be a second lost in traffic, an era lost in survival, but if you ask me why I'm here,  And really why I'm here,  Is because when I see you, I see an ever after.

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