K-Pop MV Breakdown: EXO - Love Me Right

So this is my first time doing something like this so please bear with me. And yes, I know LMR is a little old now but hey, I DO WHAT I WANT! Lol jk, anyway. Anything I say is for fun and meant to be funny, its not to offend anyone. So without further ado, EXO's Love Me Right.

They're a football team right? They DO know that they're on a soccer field and not a football field right???


Suho is a dick to fences + Baekhyun in utter defeat.

Sehun! Train tracks aren't a place to take a nap!!

Uhhh...so Chen and Xiumin are not affected by the sketchy colored SMOKE at all????


Kai is a sore loser.

What IS this place?!!?????? The randomest props EVER! We got a sink full of bubbles! Buncha records but no record player, a little green bowl, a small ass TV that I doubt works anymore, random shopping cart, a filing cabinet, another TV with a neon sign INSIDE of it, some plants, a random ass kite, some amps, some weird chandelier, and a whole bunch of neon signs on the wall. Right...

Train tracks aren't a place to take a stroll either Sehun!!

Chanyeol is the only one awake and is having a staring contest with D.O's arm. The three are also sleeping on the floor with no blanket or pillow under them, just straight floor. R.I.P to your backs and necks.

Since when do football teams wear baseball caps with their uniforms???? Hmm...


You were just in your drug lab, now you're in the woods? Damn, that smoke literally took you on a trip.


D.O's long note *.*

Damn it Sehun! I just told you you can't take a nap on train tracks!!!


Kai is a dick to bottles.



Again Sehun?!?!! You are the epitome of I do what I want!


Sehun and Kai are dicks to walls.


Back to the soccer field~!


Ah, so that's done. Sorry my gifs are suckish, it was my first time making them. Hope you guys had fun reading this, if there is a MV you would like me to break down, just comment it down in the comments ^^ (I'm open to anything K-Pop ^^) See you K-Poppers later~ XD

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