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It's a new school year and Ryuuji Takasu discovers that not only is he in the same class as his best friend, Yuusaku Kitamura, but also Minori Kushieda whom he's had an undisclosed crush on for quite some time. Along with the two of them comes the “Palmtop Tiger”, tiny Taiga Aisaka and Minori's best friend. Despite her small stature, Taiga takes nothing from anybody and is secretly in love with Kitamura. Ryuuji and Taiga, despite their oil and water relationship, agree to mutually support each other in their quests for their hearts' desire.

Status: Completed (25 Episodes)


Todays recommendation is Toradora! There are many animes and people that focus on the romantic relationship where the guy is always hard to get treating the girl badly often ignoring her and what not. Well, Toradora goes the other way around with the same emotion and feelings romantic animes have plus lots and lots of laughter that will not dissapoint people who like romantic comedies. The characters are hilarious including side caracters and the story is charming, IMO a must watch for school romantic comedy lovers!

One of those under rated animes and hidden gems for sure that will not dissapoint any anime lovers. Hope you enjoy and i'll keep recommending more great animes in the future!~ If you want a particular genre recommendation just let me know ^^

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