MV Review: Doctor Pepper

Hello friends! Welcome to the first installment of MV Review Saturday!! So I bring to you the first English single but non other then CL! Woo! Now let me be the first to admit that when I heard the song I could not stand it. I was disappointed that she didn't rap enough. To me she didn't show off her skills the way you would think she would. Shes a great rapper and one of the best idol rappers that I don't understand why no rap!

To be honest I completly forgot that she was releasing this. I got too busy trying to figure out what I needed to plan out. First off the video is cheap. Cheap. So flipping cheap. And let's be honest with ourselves it's not something I expect CL to want to associate with. Considering that she's proud to be female and lifts up women it's disappointing she would be apart of something that was so degrading to ladies. Honestly I really wanted to turn it off when Riff Raff started to rap. OG Maco was pretty good and CL was as well. Im looking forward you hearing her next single since she's filming a music video in the States and Korea as well. One thing I'm worried about is how her music and her selling out just to make it in the America Industry. Also since she raps and you know that they will ask her to freestyle. Which is scary because I don't know if she can and I don't want them to to rip her apart like they do with other females. So what do you guys think? Did you like it or hate it? Let me know!

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