♡☆Cross Gene Dating Game Part 1☆♡

I have been seeing (and participating) in ALOT of these dating games, so after being inspired by@AimeeH I thought I should make one too. So here it is THE CROSS GENE DATING GAME! *horn blares in the distance* xD

Look at these cuties lol. Well let's start off by picking a flower xD

Flower 1 (Asters)

Flower 2 (Daisies)

Flower 3 (Marigolds)

Flower 4 (Roses)

Flower 5 (Lilies)

Flower 6 (Larkspurs) Choose wisely lol. No matter which one you pick you end up getting a cute and sexy guy xD. The result of who you picked will be out tomorrow, BYE FOR NOW!


*I do not own these beautiful pics and gifs*

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