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So thanks to@AimeeH I was tagged and thought why not... basically below you will see the questions

My answers: 1. dork, compassionate, geek, clumsy, artsy 2. playing videos and or listening to some music and chilling 3. friends view me as, clumsy, unique, outgoing, nerd, and sympathetic 4. Someone who is respectful but yet just a little naughty. He is passionate, nerdy, likes to play video games and loves superheros. Doesn't mind I have a 7 yr old son. He is honest, hardworking, caring but still knows how to have fun and be romantic but is still shy about somethings. but in private is very affectionate. 5. My son, my poetry, my writings that are nonpoetry, and my family 6. Abusers 7. live outside the box not within. besides I'm claustrophobic and I never yield to society's standards. 8. I play with my son and puppy. Draw, write, go to the beach and stargaze. I watch kdramas and listen to fantastic music.

Here are ten selfies I hope portrays some of my personality. I hope you all enjoy this game as well.@biancadanica98@DanRodriguez@karinafarias@AimeeH@B1A4BTS5ever@vanemunos@aliciasalinas@shannonl5@chandnip804@baileykayleen@wafflesdrowning@drummergirl691@CandanceJohnson
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