Matchmaking Challenge!

1. Strange, quirky, quiet, big dork. 2. My perfect first date would be going to a park, maybe packing some snacks, and just walking around and laying, talking and getting to know each other. Then probably walk to a coffee shop/book store nearby and peruse and talk some more. 3. Loyal, stubborn, a giant dork. 4. My ideal significant other (all genders are good by me) is a kind person who isn't afraid to let loose and show how goofy they are. Also a dog lover. 5. I'm passionate about film, about my dog, and about making people happy. 6. Smacking. I. Can't. Stand. It. 7. Hmm. I don't really have anything specific... Winnie the Pooh is my life goal though. 8. I sleep, watch movies, hang out with my sister and puppy, longboard, drive.

I love selfies so here is more of my face. :)

@VeronicaArtino thanks for the tag! I dunno who has been tagged so I'll just toss in a few :) @AmariAlexander@adorkabledolly@sugajin94@YeseniaLira

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