Hiking/Camping Foods for Hot & Humid Weather

It's feeling pretty sticky out there, right? Yuckkkkk! Some of you (like me) might still like getting out in this weather, but going on a hike or camping trip in this kind of weather can make it hard to know what foods to bring.

Here's a few ideas of how to make it work:


Learn how to pack your cheese for hiking or a camping trip here.

Cooler Camping:

Bonus: when it melts = clean drinking water.

Camping? Use Dry Ice!

Dry ice on top: freezes everything below. Dry ice on bottom: keeps everything above it cold. If you use it, you can section parts off with cardboard and stuff and move around things I want frozen/defrosted.

Dry Foods + Boiling Water:

nutrition collection here.

Other great dry foods to bring:

Nuts, dried fruit, trail mix without chocolate (it'll melt)

Granola/power bars

Jerky, canned tuna, spam, salami, summer sausage or other precooked meats

Crackers and other munchies

Cookies, pop-tarts and non-melty treats

Good luck! Lemme know if there's other foods you like haha I'll add them to the card.

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