Color Outlook for Fall 2015


The most talked about hue this summer will continue to be leading this Fall. This is not surprising since blonde and brunette creates makes a perfect blend of autumn.

Single Process Brunette

Even though two-tone might be trending, single-process colors will not be forgotten. The dark and classic hue is still strikingly beautiful and Fall is the right season to illuminate the power blackish-brunette.

Color Blocked Roots

Summer's gone and we're moving into Fall. This means the bold summer color is growing out and roots will be peeking in. The look is a bit dramatic but you can tone it down if blend it with another color.

Lived-in Highlights

This is a term made by L.A. colorist Johnny Ramirez. This type of highlights means no touch up needed for months. The process is a bit long but well-worth it. More and more people are embracing this low-maintenance highlight and will continue to trend this Fall.

Burnt Auburn

Auburn is always a hit during Fall but this year a darker version of auburn is trending.

Ice Queen Blonde

Platinum blonde was extremely popular but as we transition to Fall I'm seeing more celebrities going for an icy blonde, a color that compliments the roots.

Candy Dip Dye

All over pastel might be taking a break but candy dip-dye color is still in. colors like pastel, blue, violet and pink are still going strong.

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