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So i can't sleep even though it's I decided I wanted to post about my bias list right now and share it with my Vingle K-Pop fam! ^^ My rankings are based mostly on how much if their music I listen to and really like btw~

my first Kpop group was Super Junior and they remain my number one fav group. They are just so amazing. Kings of Kpop and they are fantastic live(saw them at KCON)!! they are all such dorks too lol. Sungmin is my number one bias too <3 I was sold on him when I heard his solo Mul Deul Uh. He has such a gorgeous & powerful voice along with a great sense of musicality. He's so cute & cool at the same time too~ I can't seem to rank any members well after Sungmin though~ I think Kyuhyun & Leeteuk take the next 2 spots though. Kyuhyun is just amazing and yeah haha.

Next is BTS! I discovered them through BTS American Hustle Life then I started looking into their MVs & music. This group is amazing really. All around entertainment & its hard to pick a bias in this group, but I was sold on J-Hope because his dancing skills are just at the top! <3 He has such amazing stage presence too! can't wait to see BTS live one day~ Also Suga is my #1 bias wrecker. he's like constantly threatening my entire list. Jungkook & Jin are pretty close behind Suga too though. BTS is just too much <3 You can't not love them all!

Then it's the one and only BigBang!! G-Dragon actually got me into BigBang and back into hip-hop type music. I had never been super into many rap songs, of course there were a few I liked but GD proved me otherwise. I love his music & because of him its opened me up to other hip-hop based groups that I'm now a big fan of. GD is really inspiring and he's just awesome lets be real <3 GD bias obviously lol

I love this trio haha! I'm a big fan of Amber and that's why she is my #4 on my bias list. She's an amazing role model and someone so worthy to look up to <3 Her solo album Beautiful is just fantastic and gorgeous. Through Amber Ive become a fan of Eric Nam too, mainly cuz of his personality but he has an amazing voice too! I'm starting to look into VIXX cuz of Kevin too~

This group hit me sooo out of the blue!! I've heard of Block B but the first I ever saw anything from them was at KCON. They had an amazing performance and all the members have good stage presence. Kyung caught my eye at the concert when he sang his first line in HER I was impressed by his voice and then he did cute little dances randomly throughout the concert haha. I really like a lot of Block B songs though!! Was not expecting this group to jump into my bias list all of sudden ^^ Kyung is my bias. He's cute and talented.

GOT7 is next~ These guys remind me of BTS a lot!! They are all so awesome and its hard to pick a bias in the group. I really love all their personalities and they have some good music and they are great performers!! Also got more interested in them after KCON though I already love their new song Just Right <3 I can't pick between Mark & Youngjae~ Mark has so much charm in general & charisma when he performs. I looove Youngjaes voice and he's cute too. Maybe I'll be able to choose one day haha

my newest edition is B1A4! Gongchan is the new MC if A Song For You which is a show I closely follow mainly cuz Amber & Kangin are MCs for a 2nd season now and its an awesome show. I then watched a stream of B1A4 on V App just cuz and bey sang love during it which I was impressed by their vocals. Then Sweet Girl came out the next day and I love that song <3 I've been watching more of their stuff and I really like all the members. They all have such great vocals <3 I have no idea on a bias in the this group yet. Sandeul caught my attention 1st & I think his vocals are my fav, but I also really like Gongchan & Jinyoung~

Well those are the current struggles with my bias list right now!! SJ, BTS, BigBang & Amber are my solid top 4 groups and my top individual bias in the groups. The others have all happened since KCON LA so I've had too many different things I've wanted/are looking into. Kpop has taken over~ ^^ haha Do I share a bias with you? Please share with me & comment!

I love K-Pop, music, dancing, singing, food, Kingdom Hearts, & many other things! My fav K-Pop groups are SJ, BTS, BigBang, GOT7, & Block B! I'm working hard to become successful in my dream career! ^^
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