Why ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ Nearly Fired Patrick Stewart

Can you imagine the show without Stewart as John Luc Picard?

Yesterday Buzzfeed dropped a bomb on Star Trek fans world wide. Apparently Stewart nearly walked off the show over an argument with Gene Roddenberry.


Apparently Roddenberry’s hissy fits nearly destroyed the show and was responsible for some of its terrible early writing.

Stewart was given a line so terrible, he simply refused to say it.

According to Pike:

I say, ‘Patrick, let’s just cut through it. I do know that you’re creatively not being taxed. You’re going to have to bear with us for a couple more weeks, but we have already put the script in the works and we will write your character out,'” Pike said.


Pike went on to say that it was a bluff over the line. Thankfully Stewart didn’t call him on it at the moment and ask for his walking papers.

I can’t imagine anyone else from that era executing his role as effectively as Stewart did. Do you think the show would’ve lasted without Patrick Stewart at the helm?

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