LR Beautiful Liar Reaction


This gif sums up my reaction to LR Beautiful Liar MV

The Vocals

Ravi's deep rap contrasting perfectly with Leo's soft vocals enhanced the concept of the MV. Also, I have a thing for when rappers sing so the parts where Ravi was singing with Leo just killed me. Leo's voice was heart wrenching and when you look up the meaning for the lyrics...:'(

The Concept

I think it is a fresh take on a familiar theme. There have been other songs where the guy/girl leaves their girlfriend/boyfriend because they think it is for the best. However, this is a creative and novel way of portraying the emotions involved.

The Music Video


Favorite scene

My favorite scenes where the ones around the end where Leo and Ravi struggle and do an interpretative dance. That scene, I think, is the climax where the tensions between his two selves finally boils over and they have a head on conflict. The scene is raw, as they are fighting each other desperately, but it's also tender as Leo hugs Ravi while preventing him from going back to the girl.

Final thoughts

Sometimes in Kpop music videos, it can feel that the video, the lyrics, and the choreography are fighting each other for the listners' attetion but that's not the case in this MV. I love the synergy of all the elements. Everything from the lyrics to the video to the dance to the costume choice added to the meaning of the song. Although the song is about a guy letting a girl go, I feel like that the song is relatable even outside of the romantic context. We can all relate with the having different sides of ourselves or the contrast between our inner self and what we show others, and the struggle between doing the rational thing versus what our emotions dictate.

What was you guys' take on their song?

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