Back to school playlist challenge


I know for some the thought of school is just like why does the world hate me, but I feel like these songs can get you through the endless hours of boredom that they say is education Lol, Thnx for the tag@MattK95, also the idea@poojas is very interesting, I'll try my best

Just Right- Got7

just do you

Hello Kitty- Avril Lavigne

I think sometimes the stress eats at you and you just need something to loosen up, I believe this song is cute and fun and could help you get rid of some of that pent up angst

Never growing up- Avril Lavigne

Pretty much for my seniors and older college age students, we can age, study and still rock out

War of Hormones- BTS

Back to school and back to crushing on that guy/girl that you didn't get to see all summer, when did they get so cute? Lol


Some upbeat music to get you through that depression from hw Lol

Playground- Ukiss

I just really love this song ≧﹏≦

Unstoppable Life- Bii

A testament to getting through hard times to do what you love

Evolution- Jay Park (feat.gray)

I think that everything we truly want will come with work and that is pretty much what this songs about, putting in effort and finally seeing the results

Hope is a dream that doesn't sleep- Cho Kyuhyun

I'm aware that this is a love song but at the same time the lyrics don't have to just apply to loving another person, I feel like if you love something and are passionate about it, then it can help you make hard times feel as though they are worth it, so school is just a stepping stone and isn't all there is to life, so keep hope alive

LADYBABY [Nippon Manju] Music Clip

*Bonus* Here is to getting through the playlist, My gift to you, I both laugh at and adore this video so, hope it brings a smile to your faces too

So there is my playlist hope you enjoy it, thanks for taking the time to give it a try, hopefully I will be doing more playlists in the future, everytime I get a playlist challenge I'm excited, I love music and I want to share so Thnx for listening 。^‿^。

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