My selfie challenge ships you all paired me with

so thanks for sharing your ships with me. It is very much appreciated

GDRAGON my ultimate bias mainly because I think he's a lyrical genius. plus I love in interviews he is shy and awkward but the moment he is on stage he has this explosive personality. I adore, cherish, embrace and frickin love everything about him. @karinafarias and@shannonl5 for shipping him with me.

ZhouMi from super junior...One of my first bands with kpop. I still love jamming out to him. I really don't have a bias in the group. But these pictures do make my heart pitter patter especially this first one with the book. anytime I see a man reading makes me swoon. Thanks@AimeeH for shipping him with me.

Another ship from Super Junior...Sungmin...i mean he is quite adorable. Again@AimeeH thanks for the ship.

I must say I love infinite and got paired with two memebers...Neither my bias but are in my top 3. My infinite Bias is L... but I got shipped with Dong Woo. I love his quirky personality, awesome smile, and his eyes.. Thanks@baileykayleen.

He is my Second bias and a wrecker he is the handsome, sauve, adorkable, sexy, and the awesome Woo hyun... I especially love the last pic his eyes are saying I'm going to...yeah you know where I'm going with that one. Thanks@SharayahTodd for this ship.

So Vixx is one of my fav groups. I totally love the quiet, lovely voiced Leo... I don't know why I fell in love. With I just know his eyes memorized me and ensnared my heart. plus he's a little quirky. @SarahWise thanks for this ship.

He may not be my bias of the group but he sure can be number 3 from the got7 band. my number 1 is Jackson and number 2 is Mark. but Youngjae is quite youthful, beautiful, and cuteness overload. @gijan0298 thanks for the ship

Rap mon from Bts was originally my bias from the group until V totally wrecked me. He has this awesome smile and his intelligence leaves me in awe. I love his raps and how caring his to all the other members. He is what shot BTS to the top five of my fave bands.@FrankilliMambo thanks for the ship

I have also been shipped with two Korean actors...i want to say i will post pics of them another card. But I was shipped with Kim Woo Bin which totally could happen in my dreams because has an awesome personality and killer abs and a great actor. so thanks to@karinafarias for that. And Jung Il Woo I have no words for how awesome I believe he is and was thrilled to be shipped with him so thanks@AimeeH for that. I put these bias in the order I started listening to the music all except for Gdragon he goes to the top of my list he was after superjunior. lol well I hope you awesome people love this card.
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