Rich Kids of Instagram Will Ruin Your Day

"Time is money, so I use money to buy time."


7 Times You Felt Like The Ultimate PeasantRich Kids of Instagrampictures of rich kids everywhere showing off their wealth.cringe with jealousy and intense anger.

I can't even describe how much I hate it, I just have to show you.

Caption: "What my family BBQs look like."

Sorry, where can I park my Toyota 4Runner???

Caption: "Taking off for lunch in Monaco #youcan'tdothis"

I know I can't do this, please don't rub it in.

Caption: "Versace.Versace.Versace. #stacks"

I held a one hundred dollar bill once, it was nice.

Caption: "Let me park the small toy inside the bigger toy #convenient #yachtlife"

There are two boats INSIDE that other boat.

Caption: "Credit card workout #exhausted"

Yeah you look super exhausted in your luxurious bed made of fur.

Caption: "#TBT 6 Moët magnums, 1 Dom magnum, 1 mega mojito, and a lot of food. Price: $5,000 at bagatelle"

That's 5 months rent. Spent in about 2 hours.

Caption: "Lambo & monkey kind of day."

What is it with rich kids and exotic animals??

Caption: "All about that bass? No I'm all about this all-100s ATM."

I GET IT KIDS, YOU'RE WAY RICHER THAN ME. Why do you need to rub it in my face?!?

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