Vingle Anime Trivia Tuesday

Hello Anime Community Friends! ^_^

Vingle K-pop Thursday Trivia

I will ask you guys 4 anime-related questions every Tuesday. You leave your answers in the comments, and I will update the answers on Friday.

Don't Google stuff! Make your best guesses! :D


1. Who is the first member Luffy recruited as his crewmate in One Piece?

A. Sanji

B. Nami

C. Zoro

D. Usopp


2. What are the names of the twins in Ouran High School Host Club?

A. Shion and Mion

B. Hikaru and Kaoru

C. Kyou & Ryou

D. Zero and Ichiru


3. Fruits Basket - When snow melts, what does it become?

A. Ice

B. River

C. Water

D. Spring


4. What is Kaneki's best friend's name in Tokyo Ghoul?

A. Kide

B. Hide

C. Kira

D. Yamato

Hope you enjoy this Trivia Tuesday! :)

Answers will be updated here on Friday :D


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