Chandelier Butterflies - DIY

I've been seeing some really cute butterflies on Tumblr and other social sites that got me thinking...I want to do this too! Here's an easy tutorial that just about anybody can do. Perfect for the kiddos too as they can learn to create and decorate at a young age.

To attach these, you will need:

Hoola Hoop (toddler size)

White duct tape

Monofilament (fishing wire)

Craft paper (20# works best)

Flat head white thumb tacks

Follow the pictorial above to make the butterflies.

Wrap the hoola hoop with white duct tape.

On the inside (or top) or the taped hoola hoop, randomly (or geometrically) tap the tacks into the hoola hoop.

Use the monofilament wire to tie around the tacks and create a web.

Cut different lengths of monofilament to hot glue to the butterfly and to tie to the web of the hoola hoop.

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