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Hey guys this is my take on the Random Question Challenge aka the Vingle Match Maker Game :)

If you're reading this you are now tagged because i like too get everyone involved and you're special too me so why not right :P

If you..... (come on keep on track stop thinking about Big Bang already lol)

If you do decide to do this challenge then make sure to tag me so i can see your card :D

I was tagged by :@biancadanica98 and@B1A4BTS5ever to do this Challenge

Question 1: In 5 words or less Descirbe how you view yourself

1. Weird


3. Excited (i get excited way too easily lol)

4. Lazy (i'll admit i can be a bit lazy sometimes :P)

5. Shameless Self-Promoter

(i know this is more than five words but im a rebel. And theres also a reason for my self promotion, im pretty sure i've convince myself that i am 2NE1, I Am The Best.....not really)

Question 2: Describe your perfect date

Personally i my vision of a perfect date is doing whatever makes the other person happy. Id hate to say it but im a people pleaser :P. Yes im the teachers pet type of kid

(depending on the teacher though)

I once got my 9th grade english teacher to play tag in the classroom....i dont know how it happened but It was AWESOME!!

(Dont try to get your teacher to play games in school. Yes it could be fun but keep in mind that every teaher is different. In this case my teacher was fine with it because in reality he actually started the game lol ) :D

Question 3: In five words or less describe how your friends view you

For this question it really depends on who you ask :P






5. Internet

Best Friend:

1. Psycho sarcastic a$$h*le

2. Drugs (meaing im crazy i guess lol DONT DO DRUGS its bad for you and i love you so please say NO to drugs)

3. Fandoms

4. obsessed.....with everything


Question 4: Describe your idea boyfriend/Girlfriend

I dont really look for physical traits much because those dont really have appeal to me. (But everyone says that) Yes i know but for me its true, i dont like people until i get to know them.

I like people who are respectful and kind to others. (Thats a big deal for me)

I like people who take good care of themselves meaning theyre healthy and happy. (smiling is attractive ;D)

I like people who have goals

I like people who are weird and have interest in out of ordinary things

I like when people who are humble and adventurous

i like people who dye their hair millions of times

i like people who can dance

i like rappers

i like people born in august..... preferably on the 18th

i like g-dragon

be gdragon and im sold

Question 5: What are you passionate about

i really like to learn new things and go places

( when i was younger i seriously wanted to be a pirate, i gathered a pirate crew and we used to go on adventures through the woods in our backyards and find cool things like coins, watches, toys, etc. We trained really hard when we went home so that we could be the best. It was a good time lol)

i also really like art also, i love making my own but also seeing what other people come up with

so if you now any cool facts or if you draw sing, bang a drum or whatever then slide in my dm's lol

Queston 6: Whats your biggest pet peeve

I have a disliking for when people open chips from the bottom of the bag......just why

Or when they don't close cabinets or dressers back.....i literally takes two seconds lol

Question 7: What words do you live by

" Those who don't acknowledge their real selves are bound to fail"

i like this because it reminds me to stay true to myself no matter what happens.

Question 8: What do you do wth your free time?

I write stories , learn languages, dance, sing, and..... well i hangout with you guys :)

If you got to switch bodies with and anime character who would it be and why?

Luffy .D. Monkey .....just imaging all the food you can eat while being a rubber man!! Besides it clumsy so having basically no physical pain would be great lol. Being luffy just seems like alot of fun in general :P

If you had one super power what would it be and why?

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