Frosty Tiffany Blue Concept

Where's@DaniaChicago? You there? This is for you! I just discovered this frosty Tiffany blue wedding concept and I thought that you would LOVE IT! Are you gagging?!

This is a really terrific example of taking a popular concept, such as Tiffany Blue, (which is typically executed in a very New York, sleek and elegant kind of way), and using the color scheme to tell a different story altogether. In this case, it's what I call French Fantasy.

I say that because, while the color is unmistakably Tiffany (and very New York), the elements of the reception feature provencial chandeliers, French flourishes, topiary-esque lines, and faux Louis furniture. Combined with so much white and pink, the Tiffany Blue color becomes almost frosted, which adds to the ethereal element.

Tiffany Blue Collection here

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