Things I Thought Were True When I Was A Kid

So, this is my list of things I believed in when I was a kid.@danidee thanks for a tag.

I was afraid of the dark lime most kids are, but I believed that if I pulled my blankets up over my head the "monsters" couldn't see me. Now imagine how hot I was during summer.

I used to believe that earwigs go into your ears and irritate you and then lay eggs in the brain.

I used to think that the big chimneys at factories used to make the clouds cause I would see the smoke coming out of them and drifting into the sky.

I used to believe girls couldn't fart.

I was told that if I keep swallowing my gum the gum will wrap around my belly button and I will die.

When I was a boy I used to believe that actors who die in the movie were really dead.

I used to believe that children were made when to people kissed each other.

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