So Long New York: My Friend, My Adversary

The time has come for me to say goodbye to New York City. People think they know a lot about this place. I thought I knew a lot, I was wrong.

dreams.Lights. Love. Labels.allproblems will be solved when they get to New Yorkwake up in a beautiful apartment on the Upper East Side and life will be beautiful too.

glamourI wanted to be Carrie Bradshaw

I realized I could never be that person, because well...she doesn't exist.

What does exist,starving, hungry peoplecome to New York for a crack at the good life

obstaclesThe quest for these simple things can drive people into a state of absolute madness...

the rewardsyou made it in New York City

You livedYou enduredYou listenedGod damn it you always made it to work.

You beat the pavementand explored

New York Gives.New York takes.

It's foul and furious. It's amazing and admirable. It's cultured and ignorant, fickle and surprising.

I have never been challenged more than in my two months in New York.pushed me to the edge

I thought I had everything figured out.was going to make New York my bitch

New York is nobody's bitch, that's for damn sure.

Things changed. Plans changed, and now I'm leaving. On to another uncharted plane, to start over, scared shitless just like when I arrived here.

I didn't beat New York. I didn't find love. I didn't buy designer labels, and I definitely didn't find money.

I'm not Carrie Bradshaw. I don't have a lot of friends.

(Press Play on "Under Cover of Darkness" by New York's own, The Strokes, before continuing)

I didfind truth, compassion and get my ass kicked.I didn't quit. I didn't back down.

In New York you have to own up to your bullshit,You have to have faith.

New York City makes you realize you don't have it all figured out, nor would you want to.

So, as I ready to pack my suitcase again and fuck off to another distant land: I have to thank New York, my friend, my adversary. It is the smelly, dangerous, dirty and exciting place where I learned that nothing is forever, and everything is unexpected.

Yeah, life is like a suitcasemoving can teach you a lotnothing could have prepared me for New York.

under the cover of darknessNew York City waits for the brokenIt will make you better...or it will ruin your life. The best part?

You have to choose.

Goodbye New York, see you soon.

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