If I Could Live In Any Literary World It Would Be...

I have been loving the writing prompts my fellow Vinglers have been posting so I decided to try one myself! Although this is more of a question because I am so curious what literary, magical, or just crazy world my fellow book and travel lovers would join if they could!

Feel free to write a quick card and tag me in it so I can check them out!

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Inkheart by Cornelia Funke

If I could fall head first into a literary world it would be Inkheart, a trilogy that has captivated my heart almost as much as Harry Potter's magical world did. Jam packed with adventure, and a cross between the "real world" and a magical world called Ombra that includes enchanted forests, mythical creatures, small towns that become very important and of course a fair bit of evil to make it very interesting, this world is perfectly amazing.

But heres the thing...I am so bad at choosing just ONE favorite anything.

The most important part of Inkheart is the power of words because reading can transport you into another world... literally.

And you really can't get much better then an endless supply of worlds with an endless supply of adventure right at the tip of your tongue.

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