7 Questions Your Cat Needs To Answer Right Now

What the hell are you doing Miss.Tuffsey?

my demonic cat Twiggy

Why must you victimize me when I try to say hello to you?

How about a "hi mom! Thank you for feeding me. You can pet me without losing an eye!"

Why do you think it's okay to sit on top of things I need for like...work or school?

Furthermore, why are you embarrassed to be seen with me?

I give you life, literally. You'd be running around a farm getting chased by wolves if I hadn't taken you in!

Why do you make me congratulate you for sleeping all day?

I have a job so I can pay for your expensive cat food, toys and treats...and you are like "I didn't scratch the hell out of you, give me a high five"? No...

Why do you think it's okay to spy on our neighbors?

Inconsiderate and nosy!

Why do you judge everything I do?

I'm only human Miss. Tuffsey.

And last but not least, why are you so cute?

...I hate how much I love my cat.

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