Follow Up: Your Favorite Marvel Character!

It's the moment you've all been waiting for!

We all talked about who our favorite Marvel character is

The Hilarious One

You take your responsibilities seriously, but you also have fun.

If your favorite is Loki (@VixenVivi ), Spider-Man (@buddyesd@marichelAlvarez and@Keinho ) or Deadpool (@Queen35Love@seheeK309 and@Zeonified ), then this is you!

The Quiet One

You're ready to tackle all kinds of problems, even the small ones that sometimes don't catch the attention of others

@2littlelegs since you picked Hawkeye, this is probably you.


If you answered yes to any of these questions, you're an anti-hero

If you answered Wolverine (@OhmaCharly@AimeeH ) or Frank Castle (@paulisaverage ) then this might speak to your inner self.

The One That Actually Gets the Job Done

You can be mistaken for being cold and cruel, but those closest to you know that's not the case

Your favorite characters were Black Widow (@mellyortiz@DaniVO and ME) and of course Storm (@loftonc16 ).


The Noisy One

You are an incredibly passionate person, and strong-willed as well. Thankfully you also have a strong moral code

Your favorites were Thor (@chibifox ) Iron Man (@najalong1998 ) and of course Captain America (@poojas ).

The Epic One

You're the kind of person that thinks about things on a grand scale, and you don't concern yourself with insignificant details. You weigh the pros and cons of any situation and try to do what's best.

Because your favorite character is Living Tribunal@BizmosFunyuns this is you!

The Practical One

You're the kind of person that embraces new opportunities and leaves the past behind. You're also very knowledgeable and resourceful.

@JeanPaulGaleano because you picked Moon Knight this would be you.


I hope you enjoyed this quiz!

I had a lot of fun making it and learning who everyone's favorite character is! Since it seemed like everyone liked this so much we should to a DC version next!

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