TIPS: Healthier Latin Food Alternatives

There are a ton of healthy dishes from Latin America. However, some of the dishes can be incredibly greasy, starchy, and loaded with calories. Here are a few ways you can eat your favorite foods from Latin America -- healthier.

Plain Greek Yogurt Instead of Sour Cream

It tastes just about the same and it's seriously so guilt-free. The more you add, the more awesome, healthy stuff you're getting. Oh, and keep in mind you're going to want PLAIN greek yogurt. Greek yogurt has a ton of protein, fewer carbs, and less sodium than sour cream.

I know, your tacos have just become far more interesting (and healthier)! You're welcome.

Brown Rice Instead of White Rice

White rice isn't as bad people make it out to be, but if you want to add fiber and eat something that's on the lower end in the glycemic index, then brown rice is your friend. By the way, foods on the lower end of the glycemic chart, don't affect your blood sugar as much. For added protein, include beans with your brown rice.

Bake Instead of Fry

Can't stay away from all of your fried goodies? Try baking those them, instead. Foods like churros and empanadas can be baked. By doing this, you significantly cut the calories, eliminate trans fats, and cut the risk of chronic diseases that are triggered by fried foods.


Enjoy Latin food the healthy way.

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