My Literary World of Choice

In response to the query posited by fellow vingler@LizArnone that asks about what literary world you would most like to occupy, here's my response!

I love thinking about fictional worlds and the types of things and people I could imagine meeting in them, so this is an extension of that hobby of mine.

My literary world of choice is Halla, as described in the Pendragon Adventure book series.

In the series, Halla is the entirety of the universe. It is every world that exists. In all of Halla, there are 10 different territories, though only 7 worlds. Earth exists in three forms - First, Second, and Third Earth. Another world, Veelox, exists similarly.

The thing is, I wouldn't want to live in just one of these worlds- I'd want to be able to travel between them like the protagonist of the series, Bobby Pendragon. He is a Traveller, capable of using inter-spacial gateways called flumes to travel to the different worlds.

The flumes are probably one of the coolest aspects of Halla. They are like tunnels between the territories, described as kind of crystalline tubes that bear you along as though you are traveling on a cloud. From within them you can look out into the emptiness of the space between worlds as you journey from territory to territory.

Travellers are also granted the ability to understand every language spoken across the Territories, so that they can more easily interact with the different peoples of Halla. The Travellers are later revealed to be living embodiments of Solara, the plane where the souls of all Halla go to rest and are born out of. Because of this, they have certain other abilities, such as taking on different forms.

Bobby was unable to utilize many of these abilities because of the weakened state of Solara in his timeline, but he was still able to use some, such as reviving a dead companion, turning himself into smoke, and kaing himself otherwise intanglible as well.

So yeah, living in this literary world would be ideal. Sign me up!

Vin. New York born and bred. Big fan of stories in every form- oral, written, televised or otherwise. I like to hear great stories as well as tell good ones.
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