The First Meeting

The first sight of my love is one thing I cannot forget The orchestra played the most serene melody I've ever heard The time had stopped walking As I was there watching her smiling Everything was perfect and fitted as it meant to be And my heartbeats were beating to create my destiny With the poem for her being replayed in my head Waiting for my lips to move and let the words be free to said. And a rose eclipsed in my hands held beneath my back Eagerly perplexed to meet the sunshine to save it from its death My eyes are fixed on your beautiful face like it's a masterpiece Just like god has created you with all his love and patience He also would have fallen for you As you're drenched in love, and it's true My knee is trembling to bow down and ask you for being my all As only I want your heart to be the who returns all my calls All these breezes dancing to our heartbeats Are teasing your hairs for you to fix them in the bun heap As my delilah you look immensely beautiful with all your purity And I want to cuddle those cheeks as they are blushing proudly I have been waiting so long to meet you And this moment of impact is too exquisite to be true Something inside of me is telling me to lean in and kiss you So that we synchronise our hearts to other without any clue I've been dreaming for this happen all my life But now it seem to me the right time It shall be a new beginning for our future of pure love Where I can save each moment of ours to create a picture As together we make a picture perfect couple to tease these skies And we perfectly complete our pity imperfections but not let the love die With your perfect smile in this wind all around us Let's sit together and talk about our jesus And live this life together as one As you're the moon to my only sun

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