That Awkward Moment When Ed Sheeran & Waka Flocka Engage In A Rap Battle

The Weeknd has been on a tear as of late. There is a lot of hype building around the release of his upcoming album Beauty Behind the Madness, which is out next Friday, Aug. 28.

Earlier this week, the Toronto crooner sat down with GQ for an exclusive interview. While his new music was at the heart of the interview, the artist gave the magazine some info on his day to day life.

A highlight of the interview was the story about the time Ed Sheeran came to his house.

Awkward.. yet hilarious.

“I wrote a song with Ed Sheeran that was kind of spontaneous,” he said. “He was hosting the Much Music Awards in Toronto and I invited him, and pretty much the entire awards show, to my condo to party. It went on until about 5 in the morning but we didn’t write the song until that next day, so you can imagine how that night went.

Things were cool up until that point. Shortly after that quote The Weeknd shared that Waka Flocka was at his house at the time as well.

”Ed also did a freestyle battle with Waka Flocka in my kitchen,”

Really, a rap battle?

Can you imagine that rap battle? How do they get into a space where they think it’s okay to let loose some bars in the kitchen?

Waka is hilarious and Ed Sheeran is the real M.V.P. for jumping in a cypher with a Le Flame.

Christian is a member of the SNICK generation who misses the days of Pete and Pete and is a loyal advocate of backpack rap.
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