Normcore Characters on TV

The rise of Normcore has been bizarre, unprecedented, and ultimately changed the way we look at style. Before Birkenstocks and bucket hats rose within this fashionable counter-culture, they were being worn by some of our favorite characters on television.

These unintentionally normcore characters knew overalls were cool before the fashion magazines did.

1. Rachel Green, Friends (the early seasons)

Before she was a hotshot working in the fashion industry, Rachel was pretty damn normcore. She definitely made it work for her, looking cute in corduroy and working overall shorts like they were straight off the runway. Despite the occasional super-chic look, Rachel's style may be coveted, but its also pretty norm-y.

2. Elaine Benes, Seinfeld

To be honest, all of the characters on Seinfeld totally embody normcore. Anytime Elaine wore chunky athletic shoes with her "nice" work clothes, take note. Anytime sweatshirt is layered under oversized jacket, take a screenshot. Elaine is such an underrated hottie and her style is absolutely worth noting.

3. Spinelli, Recess

Spinelli, in case you don't remember, was tough as nails and had that perfect irreverant style. Today, if you wore her signature beanie, simple dress and utility jacket, you'd look totally normcore. (Note: Spinelli also didn't warrant a second picture because she wore the same outfit in every episode.)

4. Miranda Hobbes, Sex and the City

Miranda gets the short end of the stick as the dumpy and frumpy friend amongst a group of seriously chic fashionistas. Everytime she was categorized as unhip just because she was also "the smart one," we rolled our eyes. If only we could tell her that come ten or fifteen years, she'd be right on the mark when it comes to normcore fashion.

5. Lindsay Weir, Freeks and Geeks

Freeks and Geeks was a way too short-lived show, and, set in 1980 (but filmed in 1999), it was way ahead of its time with normcore style. Lindsay was one of the guys in grungy jeans and army green, and would happily be your normcore model today.

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