Vent! *colorful language used*

Okay, here's a conversation that's had by employees who work at nutrition centers around the world. They may vary a bit, but we've all had these customers. And to those who don't work there at such places, please don't be this customer. Please. Customer: I want to lose weight... And maybe get something for energy too. I'm always feeling tired. Me: What are you doing right now to help that? Cardio? Exercise? Customer: No. Me: Well, how many times a day do you eat? Do you portion your meals out? Customer: Maybe once or twice a day. Something small for lunch, and a big dinner. Me: So, you starve yourself all day long, then you cram your body full... And then you fall asleep. Do you at least take a multivitamin? It sounds like you have a lot of gaps in your nutrition. Customer: No, I don't take one. They just make your pee yellow. Me: Do you take a pre-workout? Do you take any protein after your workout? Customer: Yeah, I take *insert shitty pre-workout that's only caffeine and niacin and vitamin e*. And no, I don't take protein. It makes you gain weight and I don't want to get huge. Me: *facepalm* *sad tears* Okay, so you want to lose weight, but you're not making any effort for it. Are you willing to change your life style a bit so you're not seriously ill with a destroyed, weak body and mind in a few years? I can help show you products and explain to you ingredients and why things are needed/recommended. You don't even have to buy anything, you can just learn and then go do your own research. Because everything you're doing is perfect for gaining weight and being unhealthy. The nutritional gaps in your diet are huge and the pre-workout and lack of eating are just going to drive you straight into the ground faster than anything else. You probably constantly feel tired, you probably forget thing easily, your eyesight is getting steadily worse. You get dizzy at random times and you probably feel weak and your bones, joints and skin hurt often, right? Customer: Yeah... All of that. Me: Now, imagine how you'll be in 5, hell, imagine how you'll be next year. You're only getting older, your metabolism and other bodily functions and reactions are only going to worsen in condition. Customer: You're right... Me: *walks them around, explains a few things, such as the benefits and downsides of products and ingredients, the dangers of fat burners when taken incorrectly* The reason why people are suspicious of people that work at Nutrition places is because they hear us trying to sell stacks of products to make commission. It's honestly not. For everything I showed you, I'd probably get $2 out of it. This job isn't just about me making money. This job is about helping improve lives and helping people reaching their goals. If I sold nothing but commission items, they'd all get returned, the store's sales will drop and we'd look like a shitty place and nobody will come here. Honesty is the best selling technique, because I love when we can find you something that works for you. I want you to succeed and get your six pack back. It's admirable. Customer: Thank you! I appreciate all the time and information. There's a whole bunch and you broke it do pretty easily... But I think I'll just take the fat burner, anyways. I really want to drop this weight quickly. Me: *internally yelling* YOU DUMB MOTHERFUCKER! THIS IS YOUR EFFING LIFE! YOU HAVE A RING ON YOUR FINGER! YOU HAVE A PICTURE OF YOUR KIDS ON YOUR KEYCHAIN! DON'T LOOK AT FREAKING PRICE TAGS! WHO CARES IF YOU SPEND $40 ON THINGS THAT WILL HELP YOU?!? IS YOUR LIFE AND WELL BEING NOT IMPORTANT ENOUGH? YOUR FAMILY? WTF? *takes deep breath* fine, if you don't care, I'm making commission off you then and raising my average dollar. Me: okay! Here, this one's great! By the way... Do you have a Gold card with us? It's only $15, and it'll save you... *fast forward a week or two* *same customer walks in* Customer: "uh, hey, I'd like to return this. It didn't help me lose weight. I see no difference" Me: *eye twitches* *head explodes*

I could always be whatever you wanted, but not what you needed especially when you've been needing me, because I'm a fucking mess sometimes and I'll say what I don't mean just 'cause I wanted or maybe I need it. I swear lying's the only rush I need, 'cause all I needed was some words to say that all these feelings don't mean shit to me because it's all just chemicals anyway.
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