Flat Ironing Basic: Texture and Tips!

Unless you're a hair professional or hair enthusiast, having more than one heat styling tool is unnecessary. Other hairstylist might encourage you to purchase all the products they use but here's the secret. you don't need all those things to get amazing results. If there is one thing styling tool I recommend, it would be the flat iron.

Flat iron is a very versatile styling tool. You can straighten, curl, wave and create crimp texture with the right technique. Save your money on a good flat iron instead of purchasing additional tools like a hot roller or curling iron.

In this card, you'll find a few tips and tricks on how to style with a flat iron.

I'll start with the basics:

DO: Always start with a heat protectant spray.

Our hair is very delicate. If you're gliding a tool that's 200+ degree, you need to protect your strand.

DON'T: Prep with hair spray or wet hair.

Alcohol and heat = Damage!

DO: Flat iron by section.

This will help you get more curls and volume.

DON'T: Curl too much hair at once.

This will ruin your flat iron and your hair won't curl.

Here are more Flat Irons do's and Don'ts from Allure.

Watch the video above to learn the technique to get extra bouncy curls with a flat iron.

Here's the trick to beachy waves:

After curling, clamp your hair up with your hand. This will loosen up the curls and create a softer texture.

And If you're adventurous, this video shows you how to get five different textures with a flat iron.

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