ATTN: Air New Zealand, Men in Black is No Longer Relevant

Imagine you worked for an airline. Your boss comes up to you one day and says, We need to do something about our pre-flight safety video because we've noticed that people (see: young adults, ages 18-35) find our pre-flight safety video slightly boring.

Now imagine you get the idea of turning the pre-flight safety video into a pre-flight safety music video. What a brilliant idea, you think to yourself. Then you realize the perfect song and the perfect video and for some reason this is only perfect to you because the song you chose is, Will Smith's Men in Black; a song that hasn't been relevant since 1997.

I know I asked you to imagine this scenario but unfortunately, it's not something that is imaginary or fiction. It's something that Air New Zealand actually and earnestly thought was a great idea. Now, I haven't been on a plane in a couple of years but I'm pretty sure this video just extends the actual run-time of a simple and straightforward pre-flight safety video (if I'm wrong, please tell me).

And I think the glaring problem, or the foundation of my confusion, comes from the fact that they decided to choose to base their video around a film franchise that's over fifteen years old. I'm not even sure if anyone under the age of 25 know what Men in Black is and where they got this song from, or if they were alive (or aware enough at the time) to remember that Will Smith used to write rap songs for every movie he was in.

If you are like me and completely confused, then just stare into the picture above and pray that you forget Air New Zealand decided to go in the absolutely opposite direction of "cool, hip, etc."

Or, maybe I'm really ignorant to what is cool in New Zealand. Maybe Men in Black is still huge there and this video is kind of, like, ANZ's way of saying, Yeah, we know New Zealand. We know you wanted this so we gave it to you.

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