Make Hand-Painted Abstract Curtains

How adorable are these abstract curtains--that are hand-painted! You know me, I love Hobby Lobby and all the fabric stores out there, but nothing compares to making your textile print! Not only is it one-of-a-kind, but it's made with love. Plus, you get exactly what you're looking for. No more struggling to find the cutest print in the cutest colors! (How many times have we all been there?!)

Supplies Needed:

- 100% cotton curtain panel (Ikea has these)

- cheap shower curtain liner

- fabric paint (in your favorite colors)

- paint brushes (varying widths and stiffness)

- painter's tape (or any tape)

Place your plastic curtain liner on the ground or table and tape the corners and edges down to keep it from moving while you paint. Then lay your curtain or cotton yardage on top of it. When painting your design, imagine that you're working in about one square foot of space so that you can repeat the pattern more easily. Also, work with one paint color at a time.

If you want to layer two colors, be sure to let the bottom layer dry before painting over it. Then follow the directions for dry time before moving your panel as you don't want all of that hard work to get smeared! Then attach your panel to your rod.


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