A New York City Craving

My winter break is soon coming to an end, and so in the process of readying my mind for work and life, I logged back on to vingle after quite some time and was so surprised to see how many of you follow my NYC photography collection. I'm so glad. I have not posted in a while simply because I have not been in Manhattan. But once I am back in a week, I will be taking photos again. My break has been a mix of sleeping, eating, breathing, reading, watching TV, and a touch of working out. I hate working out. Although I do love running, it is just too cold in New York to run. And I'm not the biggest fan of treadmills. Run for miles and you're in the same place. It is actually depressing. While it has been so nice to barely do anything for the past month (although I did do some traveling) I am so ready to go back to crazy Manhattan and begin real life again. Here is a quick photo of the view from one of my school's buildings that over looks Washington Square Park. The sun was setting, and it was breathtaking. If you have an instagram, please follow: _sabeenm

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