Music Challenge: Red Lights

@virginvingler challenged us all to find a few songs with Red in the title. Music and color are two things that I believe go hand in hand.

Like good writing, music has to have a flow to it. Red indicates a sort of intense feeling associated with lust, anger or even love.

Here are three songs I found in my iTunes library that have a theme surrounding "red", and they just so happen to all revolve around the concept of Red Lights.

I've included all live versions, because they really capture the chaos of each track.

1. Red Light / The Strokes

New York's finest aren't strangers to intense themes. I mean look at their big hits: Reptilla, You Only Live Once and Under the Cover of Darkness all deal with themes of love, loss, chaos and failure.

Red Light provides an intimate look at love:

Oh, let's say you made a deal with me And I got your name and your home address You're all trashed up with your big red belt I would almost say that you might need help I could drop you off at the next red light If it don't make sense or it don't feel right All the girls could never make me love them the way I love you

The themes of "red" throughout indicate longing.

2. Stop When The Red Lights Flash / Green Day

Lots of "red lights" in these songs. Most reference a stopping of events or ceasing of passion. In this rollicking Green Day Track, lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong screams, "Stop when the red lights flash / I'll trade you blood for dirty cash."

Make no mistake, this is a party song. It brings back lots of memories of partying without consequences and waking up without any knowledge of the night before.

Life in the catacombs you make me feel like i'm not whole out of sight out of mind I'm not the hurting kind I'll make you surrender

This song calls back to the maximum rock and roll of bands like The Stooges and The Rolling Stones, and the red imagery really gets it there.

3. Red Light Indicates Doors Are Secured / Arctic Monkeys

This song's guitar line screams mystery, and the early work of the Arctic Monkeys is pretty damn mysterious. The color involvement in this song sets a tone of debauchery and drunkenness.

Both green and red are referenced in this song:

Did you see her in the green dress?


Drunken plots hatched to jump it, ask around are ya sure? Went for it but the red light was showing And the red light indicates doors are secured

Though the song references London Taxis, it's obvious that the red theme indicates mischief and fun, much like in the previous two tracks.

Thanks@virginvingler for the challenge!

What songs do you know that deal with "red" themes?

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