15 Years Ago Today The Harry Potter Cast Was Announced

Time flies in the wizarding world of Harry Potter.

I miss Harry, Ron and Hermione so much.changing their lives and mine.

When Rupert Grint was kind of a smart ass like Ron and we all fell in love with an eleven year old.

When Hermione wore this all green everything outfit to the Sorcerer's Stone premiere. I can't even make fun of her because it's too cute!

When Rupert Grint talks about how similar he is to Ron and your heart melts everywhere because he's so cute and has a tiny British accent.

When Daniel Radcliffe is still learning how to do an interview and answers questions in the most adorably innocent way ever.

And of course....this photo. UGH Ron's face my heart is breaking.

Thanks Harry Potter, I never knew one series could change my life, but this one truly did.

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