Regal Cinemas Will Now Search Your Bag When You See A Movie

In Texas, Florida and Virginia patrons of Regal Cinemas has noticed a swing in the environment of the property.

Due to the recent shootings at movie theatres, Regal Cinemas has The chain has amended their rules to search any and all bags entering the theater.


The new change has seen a lot of backlash from patrons of the company.

“So no gun control, but now YOUR bag will be searched at the movies because ... you know, more "Freedom." @NRA style.” said one patron on Twitter.

ESPN on air personality Bomani Jones also shared his thoughts on the issue.

“Regal cinemas south beach has the manager checking bags. it'd make more sense to work on the smell in this auditorium,”


“What sickness makes us prefer to be frisked rather than restrict the proliferation of firearms?”

Luckily we have seen no issues over this new mandate from the company, but I don’t see how this will help business. If this policy is to be enforced, it needs to be an all or nothing stance. You can’t just search people when you feel like it, all have to be searched to make everyone comfortable.

If this isn’t handled properly, this could be a PR nightmare for Regal Cinemas.

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