My Idol Avatar- Guess Who It Is!

Hey guys so recently I've been obsessed with the (i think it might be Taiwanese) app called my idol where you take a picture of your face (or idol face-like I have) and make an avatar from it. It's so life like, I love it! Even though it was really popular toward the beginning of this year and I'm a little late to the show haha. But let me know who you think this idol is and what drama this person is from! Hopefully if this goes well I can make more! Good luck!

Hey Guys, my name is Devon and I love kpop and all things Korean. Give or take a few things. I know what it's like feeling sad or alone sometimes so if you ever need a friend or just someone to talk to just know you can always message me. We are all a big Kpop loving family here.
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