Cross Gene Dating Game Part 2 (results)

Here its is Kpop vingle family the results for Part 2 of the Cross Gene Dating Game. We are getting close to the end my friends, but before we get there let's see where you guys are headed.

Place 1=The Beach

You guys drive in a direction you know all too well. He stops and parks near the outside of the beach. The sun is setting upon the blue sky, which creates a beautiful mixture of colors. There was not a person in sight just the clear waves crashing against the warm sand. He drags you onto the beach and makes you sit down in the sand with your hand over your eyes. He comes back with a picnic basket filled with sandwiches and tea. Your absolutely ecstatic, but you try to control yourself. He lays out a blanket and you two enjoy a lovely mini dinner for two. A seagull flies by out of no where and snatches a sandwich off your plate. He can't help but laugh, at how suprised you were. You get so mad that you throw a handful of sand at him. He gives you an evil smile and throw ls some sand right back. You both do this for a while before he trips and you laugh at him. He has his hands over his face in embarrassment, you sit down next to him poking him in his side. He finally gives in and hugs your waist, then pulls you down to llok at you. He says " Hey........I have to tell you something"...........

Place 2=Laser Tag

He blind folds you in the car, so you don't know where your going. You keep asking the whole car ride but he just won't budge. You guys finally stop somewhere, and he helps you out of the car. He takes you into an air conditioned place that's blasting techno music. You automatically know where you are, but you don't say anything so he doesn't feel bad. Your so happy that he brought you to play laser tag that you start to jump a little. He notices and finally figures out that you know where you are. He takes off your blind fold with a pout, so you kiss him on the cheek to cheer him up. He gets excited and takes you over to put your vest on. He helps you put yours on and gets really close to you so you start to blush. Once he finishes securing your vest he stands up straight, holds your waist, and looks down into your eyes. "Hey before we go in there.......I have to tell you something"............

Place 3=The Movies

When you both get in the car, you ask him where you are going. He tells you to open the glove compartment. You open the compartment to see two tickets to that Romantic Comedy you have been dying to see. You get so excited and ask if you guys are gonna get popcorn too. He smirks at you, and then nods, you smile and blush at his response. You both reach the theatre, once inside he tells you to save a seat for the two of you. You run off to do as he said, but you see that the theatre is empty. Standing there confused your suddenly hugged from behind. "I hope you dont think its cheesy, but i rented the place out" Your shocked, at first, but you know it is something he would do so you start to smile. The lights start to dim down, and the movie screen starts to light up. Before he let's you go, he whispers in your ear "Hey, before the movie starts......I gotta tell you something.".........

Place 4=Amusement Park

You both get out of the car and your eyes light up in wonder when you see all the rides. He takes notice and chuckles at your reaction. You push him slightly, then grab his arm, and run to the first ride you laid your eyes on. You guys get on the merry-go-round, all the rollercoasters, the spinning cups (which he almost threw up on), and he even wins you a stuffed animal at a balloon popping station (after 10 tries xD). You guys go on a couple more rides before the day is over, and then he stops you and says that he wants to get on the ferris wheel. You blush a little at the sudden request but you agree. You both wait in line for the next seat to come down, and you notice that he seems very serious. A seat is available so you finally get on the ferris wheel, and you stare at him wondering why he is so focused. As the ride moves you higher and higher you start to enjoy the view, and then you are shocked when he grabs you into a tight hug. The ferris wheel stops moving for a moment so more people may get on, so you two are at the top of the ride in a warm embrace. He let's you go a bit so he can face you. He looks you dead in your eyes, and your heart starts beating like crazy. After a moment of blissful silence he finally says "Hey.....I have to tell you something."..................

Place 5=A Concert

When you both get in the car, he covers your eyes with one of his hands. He slowly moves his hand to show that he is holding two tickets to concert. You are in a complete state of shock, your boyfriend just got you tickets to see your most favorite boyband in the world (besides his). They were at least $300 a piece, you stare at your boyfriend in disbelief, and he just smiles at you. He says "I know you really like them, and let's just say I know a guy. Just make sure that you remember that you are there with me, don't fangirl to ha-". You jump on him before he finishes his sentence. You give him a huge hug and a kiss on the cheek. You realize you have him pinned down in the car so you start to get off of him while blushing wildly. He grabs you, which makes you stop, he stares into your eyes, and pins you down on your side of the car. He leans in and whispers "Hey.....I have to tell you something."..........

Place 6=The Mall

You guys pull up to the large mall in your town. You wonder if he is going to buy you something, but shuts down your thought immediately. He says "Don't think I brought you here to buy you something". You laugh at the fact that he read your mind, like always. He pulls you out of the car and into the mall. It's full of people like always, so you get concerned that people may recognize him and swarm him. You give him your hat and sunglasses, but he refuses. He says "I want people to know. I want people to see the person I......." He looks at you for a moment, and smiles. People start to notice who he is and begin to crowd. He grabs you and hugs you. Your completely stunned, and have no idea what to do. He slowly whispers in your ear "Hey....I have to tell you something."...............


And that's where I shall leave it until next time MWHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! *hehe*. I hope you all enjoyed your mini story and now we are left with our last part, where we find out what he had to say xD. IT'S ALL SO EXCITING. I will be making that card now, so until then be on the look out for PART 3!♡♡♡

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