(BONUS) BTS - V & J-Hope Background

@amandamuska NOT HD QUALITY I do like the image but I just wish it was better quality because I'm very picky about those kind of things and earlier I thought you wanted a cute picture of them two so that's why I used this one and it fit the screen

These things are really hard to write. Um.. My name is Kseniya, who has a deep love for music especially K-pop, well that's pretty obvious. Why am I such an awkward turtle? The person who stole my heart is Yongguk and Bangtan turned my life upside, but honestly speaking I love a lot of groups. I like to write if the inspiration hits me and I love to read. Why am I sounding so proper with this Bio? Feel free to message me about anything! P.S. My guilty pleasure is Korean Hip-Hop and R&B.
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