5 Things I thought Were True as a Kid

I was a shorty and a weirdo... I definitely had to be a weirdo to stick out in my family with 4 sisters and 3 brothers. I am right in the middle at number 4. I definitely had an active imagination and was the loner in my family so my imagination was my best friend. Thanks@danidee for this challenge.

1) I literally thought this building which is no longer around was a cloud factory. Yes my mom before she ditched the family told me this place made clouds when I was 4 years old. I fully believed that. This building was still standing up to a few years ago and I still perpetuated this lie to my son when he was 2. lol

2) a lie my dad told me when I was 3 was when it was storming, thunder, lightening and raining it had to do with God. Thunder was when God made a strike in Heaven when playing bowling. Lightening world strike earth when he had a gutter ball and the rain was from weeping angels for all the souls that left the world to early...i seriously love rain and again perpetuate this lie to my son. When I was younger I thought it would be so cool to be able to play bowling I heaven with God but the closest thing I could do at that age was play out in the rain to bring joys to the angels which would cause a rainbow....

3.) I loved horror movies growing up. Started watching them when I was five. My older siblings thought I would be scared but I was not they where. lol But I would tell my siblings that Freddy, jason, pinhead, bloodymary, it, and candyman where my best friends and family they weren't nice to me they would come and kill them especially in their dreams. I went through this stage for like 3 years. I believe this may be the reason my younger siblings who are adults still need some kind of light on at night. P.s I told my son these are my best friends and he goes they're mine too mommy...

4) I never enjoyed going to grandma's house. When I saw Wizard Of Oz I truely believed if I could have Dorothy's ruby slippers I could go home way faster. I once even tried to steal a pair so I wouldn't have to be with my grandma. I tried running away from home and my mom came and picked me up. I was 5 at the time. Little did I know a two months later and a week later after the picture at the top of this card would my mom leave with out notice. Then my dad went to prison a few months after that and I ended up with my 7 siblings living with my grandparents. I got a pair slippers like dorothy and boy did I try them to take me back home when everything was good. I was sadly disappointed it was not true.

5) Gambit from X men was real...I was 6 at the time...i wanted to Marry him and I believed I had some mutant power like invisibility because no one ever noticed if I was in the room or not especially when I sat with my knees to my chest. I thought one day he and professor X would come take me away to join the Xmen...I also believed I would marry him...

So yeah those are five wonderful things I thought to be true when I was just an itty bitty. I tag@AimeeH@B1A4BTS5ever@vanemunos@biancadanica98@chandnip804@shannonl5@karinafarias@DanRodriguez@poojas@VinMcCarthy@VixenViVi to try giving this a shot if you haven't

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