My Middle School Obsession Band was Creed and Bone Thugs New Harmony

In middle school at the age of 11 i found two wonderful songs one was from the band Creed and the other from Bome Thugs N Harmony. My older brother introduced me to both. I was a chubby, and depressed kid. But i did not let my depression show on the outside. I always presented a happy nonchalant front. My own prison spoke volumes to me. While all the other girls were into Backstreet Boys and NSYNC I was gaga over Creed and Bone Thugs N Harmony. I would come home everyday from school and steal my brothers Walkman and cd and go walk around the neighborhood letting the music speak to me. Crying freely. Eventually my brother who was my saving grace in my childhood moved out to go live with our mother that came back in our lives and i was crushed and thrown more into depression.

When he left he left me with hus creed Cd and his Bone Thugs N Harmony Cd. We had this jukebox in the cafeteria at my middle school and it didn't ever really work. But the craziest thing was whenever it was my lunch period and I was close to the stupid jukebox Crossroads would play. Everyone knew the words to this song. Bone Thugs N Harmony was from the city I grew up in so everyone loved their music where I came from but know one could name all their songs. I still to this day listen to both. I have met the members of Bone because up until two years ago I stilled lived in Cleveland and would run into. The second Bone video shows a lot of where I grew up. They are some of the most down to earth people you will meet. A year ago I went to aconcert they threw in the city I now live in Florida and when they saw me they gave me a hug as always. Without these two groups I really don't the link I would have made it past middle school because sadly I did try to kill myself several times in middle school but there music did really help me a lot.

So a@danidee and@buddyesd thanks for this challenge. Look forward to seeing others obsession.@biancadanica98@DanRodriguez@karinafarias@AimeeH@B1A4BTS5ever@vanemunos@aliciasalinas@shannonl5@chandnip804@baileykayleen@wafflesdrowning@drummergirl691@CandanceJohnson
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