Bias challenge(?)

So, I don't know if this has been done before or not and it's not really a challenge just something fun to do for everyone. So what is this? Letting people know who your top three biases are and why! I'll post my example below


Daesung my ultimate bias. I loved him basically from first sight. I watched a live performance of Fantastic Baby and I was like "yeah this is cool" then when Daesung came forward and started singing I couldn't take it. His voice killed me and to me he was the most attractive out of the group. That was around 2012, since then Daesung has been my ultimate bias and the more I learn about him the more I love him. His personality from what I've seen is very sweet which is something I love.


Jinwoo my second bias. I haven't liked Winner that long and he wasn't my first bias, but once I started watching WIN and saw the way he cried seeing his father and cared to work harder than the others so he wouldn't ruin their dream made me slowly like him. But when I watched WINNER Tv and Jinwoo got lost for about 3 hours I fell head over heels! I love that he's so hardworking, caring, kind, and happy go lucky. He's actually my role model as weird as that is. I want to be as kind as Jinwoo.


Taehyun my third bias. I liked him first, I thought he was the most attractive of Winner and he reminded me of Daesung in some odd way. Though, I started off not exactly liking his personality, I started enjoying it a lot, especially when he's around Jinwoo. His personalty to me is one of an easily angered diva who hates himself but loves himself and has a soft spot for his hyungs.

So, these are my top three biases! Who are yours? Tag me in the post if you decide to do this!

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