Masks I Wear

Once again I cloak myself in a professional persona With a smile on my face out the door I go I present a jovial presence on the outside But inside with me is a dismal darkness I fight within myself But one would never know The outside shows a happy delightful lady But inside I am filled with sorrow, anger, and depression Not once do I let the smile slip For if I did one could catch a glimpse If one truly sought to look deeper All they would need to do is peer deep within my brown eyes My eyes can never lie They are truly the window to my soul My eyes never fully smile with my lips But show expression and emotions more than my words I use the smile as a weapon Depending on the persona I must wear Their ever faithful and helpful daughter To loyal and caring sister The most important one that I wear twenty four seven  Mother, forever I wear it with pride But moments late at night My inner self cries Who am I truly? I ask myself all the time I am lost  And need guidance I want to fight, rage, cry, laugh, and be at peace But I don't know how to gather all the personas and make them complete Please someone look in my window And reach out towards me Help me stitch myself back together © Veronica Artino
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