4 Everyday French Braid Styles

French braiding is one of the oldest braid technique. Over the years, the style has emerge into different variations. From simple hairstyle to intricate updo, the way of styling is endless. Though, in the fast past culture, no one really have the time to do experiment with braids every morning. This inspired me to put together a card for easy everyday French braid style that encourage you to go beyond the typical plait.

Hope you like it!

1. French Braid Fringe

Summer is not quite over yet and you might want to keep your bangs up to keep the sweat off your forehead. This particular Fringe braid by Bobby Glam is one you can wear for school, work or anywhere.

2. Fishtail French Braid

Missy Sue is one of my favorite hairstyle blogger because she can get really creative with braids and updos. As creative as she is always bring in a number of practical hairstyle for everyday styles. The one above is one of my favorite.

3. French Braid into Low Ponytail

The purpose of this hairstyle is to embrace the messy braid in a more sporty style. Notice the two French braid merging into on ponytail is not sectioned evenly. The braids can work well even if you run. This is a favorite for gym or after school sport practice.

4. French Braid Bun

Most people would go for a Dutch braid bun because it shows a more define plait but the beauty of a French braid bun the simplicity. The braid kind of camouflage with the rest of the hair but when you look closely you can see the braid mark.

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