"Asumiko Nakamura" exhibition held today!

In order to celebrate the up-coming serializing of “Kimi you bi – Tetsudou shoujou manga” written and illustrated by Asumiko Nakamura, an exhibition of the original pictures and duplicate pictures illustrated by the same author is held at Tokyo’s bookstores starting today, Janurary 21. The exhibition is held at 3 places: Yurindo Bookstore’s Fujisawa Store, Books Sanseido’s Ebina Store , Kinokuniya Bookstore’s Hankyuu 32ban-gai store. There are 24 pieces of illustrations displayed at Yurindo Bookstore’s Fujisawa Store and 15 pieces at the other bookstores. Visitors also can buy the duplicate of the illustrations at Kinokuniya Bookstore’s Shinjuku Store C&D Forest and all 20 different chain stores of Books Sanseido. “Kimi youbi – Tetsudou Shojo Manga 2” is the spin-off of “Mokuyoubi no sabaran”, oneshot included in Nakamura’s “Tetsudou Shojo manga” collection. This time, the manga follow the original story between Ako and Kouhei. This new collection also includes a new story written by Nakamura and “Overpass Junction”, oneshot published in Rakuen (Le Paradis) Anthology by Hakusensha. “Kimiyoubi – Tetsudou Shojo Manga 2” will be released on January 31.

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